Every other country as some form of identification linking them to all the identifications altogether. Finally, that is now a reality for India too. The Indian government has launched a similar new form of identification for the Indian citizens by the Aadhar. It is now a mandatory mechanism for everyone residing in India. A child below 5 years of age gets a blue coloured Aadhar called Baal Aadhar Card.

baal aadhar card

What is Aadhar Card?

On the aadhar, there will be a 12 digit unique identity number (UID) which will be unique for every citizen. Now the authority responsible for Aadhar is UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority Of India) which came into existence in January 2009. Now ever since the start, Aaddhaar was considered constitutionally sound as it required the citizens to submit biometric data (fingerprint and retina scan) for complete verification. However, the idea is now comparatively well received as the process is now up and running and many citizens have already an Aadhar card for themselves. On this card, there are the basic details of the person including the 12 digits unique number which is generated and issued by the government after the application process is completed and verified.


This ID card will then be used to link to other services like bank accounts, mobile numbers, PAN, etc. to keep using these services without any hassles. Getting an Aadhar also gives a citizen subsidies in various government schemes, especially the gas subsidies.

What is Baal Aadhar?

There was the only word about Aadhar for the adults and teenagers but nothing much about the children. Finally, now UIDAI has made an announcement about a blue coloured aadhar card which is called the “Baal Aadhar card”. This card is exclusively for children below the age of five.

Required Documents

To avail this card, a parent needs to do is submit the child’s birth certificate along with one of the parent’s Aadhar number. Your child’s school ID (Issued by Recognized Educational Institution) can also be used for Aadhar enrolment. This news came in as a series of posts was tweeted by UIDAI on their official Twitter page.

baal aadhar documents


Further, this card also does not require the child’s biometric data (iris scan and fingerprint scan) for complete verification. Now even if the child does not need to submit biometric data under 5 years of age, but as soon as the child reaches the age of five, a parent needs to submit the child’s biometric data which is free. Now, these post also stated that the child’s biometric data needs to be further updated at the age of 15. This can be done by simply heading over to any recognized Aadhar centre.

baal aadhar biometric

How to Apply/ Get the Baal Aadhar Card For Child?

As a proof of identity, a child can also submit his/her school’s identity card as another form of identification from the government is not yet submitted to the children. Now let’s see what the entire process is for getting a blue coloured aadhar card.

The process for a Baal Aadhar is similar to a normal Aadhar. A parent needs to bring his child to the nearest Aadhar enrolment center and fill out the enrollment form.

Following that the parent needs to submit the child’s birth certificate and also link his/her Aadhar number to the child’s Aadhar number. If the parent has not yet received an Aadhar number, then this process cannot be completed.

After that, the parent needs to submit a mobile number to link to that Baal Aadhar card.

No iris scan or fingerprint scan is required as the child is below 5 years. However, a photo of the child will be clicked at the center.

Now collect the acknowledgements slip

Once the entire verification process is complete for the applicant, the parent will receive an SMS on the given mobile number that the verification process is complete.

Now within 60 days, the card will be sent to the address of the applicant via post.

Due to some reasons, the physical might not reach on the said time, so if it is necessary for the parent to get the Aadhar, then he/she can manually download the Baal Aadhar card from UIDAI’s official website.

However, if the Aadhar number is not generated by that time, then one cannot download the card from the website. The parent just needs to be patient then.